Damstahl – On your side

Damstahl is a family-owned business with +350 employees in more than 10 European countries.

As part of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, we support customers within the industry of stainless and a wide range of other metals. Our pride lies in the value we add to our customers. Plain and simple.

With our knowledge-sharing services, unwavering commitment to the green agenda, and our award-winning B2B-shop, we offer forward-thinking and responsible solutions. In Damstahl we want to be measured by our actions, not our words.

Welcome to Damstahl.

Our 3 Damstahl Promises

The Damstahl Promises expresses the core values of our company and works as a compass directing our collective efforts towards a unified purpose.

Within our 3 promises lies the heartbeat of our company.

This is Damstahl.

We believe in People & Digital

Digital transformation is complex. It calls for People with digital mindsets, who will ask the right questions, make smart decisions, and appreciate new possibilities for a digital future.

Our digital services are at the heart of our business, and they all involve THE most important factor, People.

People & Digital, always in that order.

Our Vision


We want to be in top 3 of Europe’s stainless-steel distributors within our field.

Our clear ambition is to be the strongest partner for our customers, providing profound industry knowledge supported by pioneering digital solutions. At the same time, we insist that we must succeed in our firm commitment to pushing both suppliers and customers towards decisions based on sustainability rather than solely on price.

Our Mission


On your side by taking responsibility, building lasting relations, and optimizing our mutual businesses.

Our business begins and ends with our customers. Plain and simple.

We know that time, efficiency, and expertise are keywords for our customers. We listen and learn and step into the customer’s perspective to work together towards mutual success. Through knowledge sharing, and a strong commitment to high-quality standards, we create added customer value and guide our customers into environmentally conscious choices.

We built trust with our customers by keeping our word and following through on our commitments.

Our Philosophy

Damstahl has a valued-based philosophy sustained from our original founder, the German engineer, Henry J. Ehrenberg.

His invention of stainless fittings improved hygiene in dairy production and contributed to reducing the high child mortality in the post-war years.

His philosophy remains as a guiding compass within our organisation and his engineering demonstrated that stainless steel holds the capacity to change the world.

We are a family-owned business, build on a purpose to make things better. We want to be a catalyst for progress within our industry and create change that goes beyond our own business.

The Damstahl mindset & culture

At Damstahl, we know that a strong culture is the key to achieving our ambitions. Therefore, we are proactively intensifying our focus on ensuring and reinforcing the strong culture that already characterizes our company.

Establishing a strong culture involves the promotion of foundational principles like honesty, collaboration, pride and curiosity.

With a firm commitment to these values, our goal is to build a workplace where employees are passionate, committed, and happy at work.

Do you want to be part of our Damstahl team?