About Damstahl

People & Digital

Damstahl is a family-owned business with +300 employees active in more than 10 European countries. As part of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, we support customers in the stainless steel industry on a global scale. Our pride lies in the value we add to your business. Our services within knowledge-sharing in the usage of stainless steel, support to your journey on sustainability, complete logistic solutions including local warehouses, and our digital services all involve THE most important factor, people.

People & Digital in that order, the choice is yours – welcome to Damstahl.

Financial highlights


Financial highlights
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A smile elevates us all 

At Damstahl we want to be characterised by our core values, namely our Self-respect, Mind, Inventiveness and Life – Ending with a SMILE


Recognition paves the way towards self-respect and pride, and pride is the driving force for each of our employees at Damstahl. When the employees of Damstahl are proud of their work, you will experience that they enjoy taking responsibility for you as a customer – at all levels. 

Mind – Courage

It takes courage to take the next step, a belief in the next idea, listening to your intuition and taking responsibility. Being courageous leads to development and therefore we emphasise giving our employees a safe and confident environment in which they can be courageous. 


The greatest resource is inventiveness. Damstahl’s foundation was built upon a good idea. That is why we are aware of the fact that an innovative mindset combined with good ideas are what creates competitive advantages. Both for us and for you. 


Life is what creates meaning for us. To us, life is the interactions we have with each other, in our departments, during lunch breaks and with our customers and suppliers. This is where we grow, learn and share and ultimately reach our goals – both personal, employee and business goals. 

Vision & Mission

Our vision is the guiding principle of our work while our mission statement states what we do and for whom – our reason for existing, if you will.


In the light of the family-owned NEUMO-Ehrenberg-Group, we operate our business on the basis of fundamental human values and high ethical standards. We work determined to:

  • be the preferred supplier of stainless steel in our segment of customers.
  • be the preferred cooperating partner for our suppliers.
  • be the business in the industry, which in each of our operating countries have an outstanding level of job satisfaction.
  • ensure that our customers have access to environmentally correct products while we operate our business leaving the least amount of environmental impact as possible.


Our customers

We work in a way, which creates increased value for our customers and preference for Damstahl by:

  • sharing our know-how with the customer, developing new business opportunities and promoting the usage of stainless steel together.
  • ensuring the correct quality of products for each of our customers specifically
  • ensuring the desired time of delivery for our customers – on time
  • contributing to the cost efficiency of the customer
  • offering the customer a wide and deep selection of products

Our suppliers

We work in a way, which creates increased value for our suppliers and preference for Damstahl by:

  • sharing our know-how with the suppliers and create increased sale of stainless steel
  • paying on time
  • always respecting our agreements

Our employees

We strive to make the work of our employees exciting and make our employees exciting via challenging tasks in their work:

  • there is room for initiative and innovativeness
  • our work is characterised by its care and quality
  • it is everyone’s duty to be accommodating and contribute to a positive working environment with a SMILE
  • the development of our employees is the foundation of Damstahl’s future

Good reasons to cooperate with Damstahl

Stainless steel is just stainless steel. Or is it? When choosing Damstahl as your business partner, you will quickly experience that much more is at stake. You enter into a people-to-people relationship where we contribute to your entire value chain through innovative know-how, consultancy, logistics, a range of digital solutions, sustainability care, etc.

• We develop new knowledge about stainless steel.
• We use our know-how in the development of goal-oriented and innovative solutions for your company.
• We share our know-how about stainless steel with you through consultancy, analyses, education, etc.
• We provide you with a flexible remote warehouse with quick deliveries.
• We deliver the qualities and dimensions specifically fit for your needs
• We recognize the value of going the extra mile for our employees – and we know for a fact that they will do the exact same for you.
• We run our business leaving the least amount of environmental impact as possible.
• We think and invest long-termed, so you know where we stand.
• We want to be your preferred business partner in the stainless steel industry.
• We want to be measured by our actions and not our words.