At Damstahl we want to make it easier for our customers to order goods from us.

For this reason, we have made our own unique QR-labels that you can place on your warehouse shelves. On our labels, you will find the item number of the specific product, necessary information about the product itself as well as a QR-code.

In the future, when you order goods from us, you simply pick up your smartphone and scan the QR-code of the product label and voila! You will now be on the webpage of the requested product on Damstahl’s webshop where you can add the product to your basket.

As an extra service for our customers, we also offer to combine the QR-label with the customer’s own product data such as item numbers, bar codes as well as other product-specific information so that you have recognisability with your own system.

The QR-label can also be combined with your own product data such as:

  • Item numbers
  • Bar codes
  • Other product-specific information

Please contact Anders Jensen and learn more about this solution.

Want to learn more?

Søren Talbo Dahl

Group E-commerce & Digital Manager