CSR and Sustainability

At Damstahl we want to make a difference 

At Damstahl we are extremely aware of our responsibility as a leading stainless steel stockist also towards the surrounding community. We wish to contribute positively to the development of the geographical areas in which we run our business. In addition to this, we strive to create a good and safe working environment for our employees and limit our impact on the environment and climate. An integral part of our CSR-work is the fact that it creates value for Damstahl and our stakeholders – including our customers, suppliers, employees, owners and the community, both locally and in general. 

Therefore, the entire work revolving around our societal responsibility is an integrated and natural part of our company. Naturally, our CSR-work is based on our support to the “10 principles of the UN Global Compact” as well as the “UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the specific initiatives taken.

Climate Calculator

Damstahl's Climate Calculator provides a helping hand to companies needing assistance with precise measurement and reporting of their CO2 footprint.

With this tool, you can see your company's total carbon footprint and get an overview of how the emissions are divided into different categories such as energy, transportation and purchase. You can also easily access detailed order history, including the CO2 footprint for each purchase.

The Climate Calculator is based on the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which will show you how your company's carbon footprint is allocated in scope 1, 2 and 3.

This data can be used to ensure your organization is compliant with EU regulations and it will give you an insight into the CO2 impact of your entire value chain.

Get ahead with our Climate Calculator

EPD Library

We want to promote transparency on the sustainability agenda and understand the importance of environmental responsibility in our industry. We have therefore gathered all the available and valid EPDs from our stainless steel suppliers so that you as a customer can easily access environmental data.