We believe that accountability has a ripple effect

At Damstahl, ethical standards are a given. We actively work to shape our industry in a more responsible direction by emphasizing a holistic approach to the environment, society, and business. It also means that we set high ethical standards for ourselves and always stand by our messages and commitments.

That being said, our value chain is extremely complex, and we are aware that we cannot change the world on our own. So, how can we take responsibility for our supplier's actions? The answer is that it requires close collaboration with our suppliers and business partners, along with a specific set of guidelines on how we expect our collaborators to work, including aspects related to human rights and environmental policies. That set of guidelines is anchored in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

“We firmly believe that investments in responsibility, encompassing considerations for people, the environment, and society, are fundamentally linked to positive business outcomes. Therefore, our Supplier Code of Conduct is a natural and integral part of our efforts to promote good corporate governance”.

Michael Lund, Group CEO

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is based on specific requirements, but it also heavily relies on trust, honesty, and respect.
To access our Supplier Code of Conduct, please follow this link.