Our history

Based on know-how and focus on health

The roots of Damstahl reach back to 1947 and relate to the ambition of our founder, the German engineer and Senator Henry J. Ehrenberg, to reduce the extremely high child mortality in the post-war years. In his first company, Neue Molkereitechnik GmbH, Ehrenberg developed a new production method which made it possible to produce fittings in forged stainless steel. This invention drastically enhanced the hygiene in the production of dairy products, and quickly caused a stir.

Worldwide activities
The breweries soon discovered the opportunities introduced by the new production method. However, they did not want to conduct business with a supplier that strongly evoking associations to the dairy industry. Therefore, Ehrenberg changed the name of the company into NEUMO. In the following years, more companies were incorporated with a wide variety of other industries worldwide, and together they form the NEUMO-Ehrenberg-Group.

Stainless Stockholding Specialty
In 1960, the consumption of stainless steel was so extensive that Ehrenberg decided to gather in a new company with all activities focusing on stainless stockholding and distribution. Originally, the name of that company was Dam Stahlhandelsgesellschaft inspired by the location of establishment Dam Straat located near Dam Platz in Amsterdam. However, in 1969, when Ehrenberg wished to expand his business activities into Denmark, a problem occurred. In Denmark, the name Dam was a protected family name meaning that it could not be registered in the Danish Register of Companies. Therefore, one word was chosen instead – namely the more idiomatic Damstahl.