Sustainability Report

We are happy to share our Sustainability Report with you. Our primary goal has been to create a report that offers a clear understanding of how we, at Damstahl, translate sustainability into practical actions that bring value to our customers, employees, and the society we operate within.

Sustainability is a key priority for us; in fact, it's an integral aspect of our strategy and has been since 2019. We hope this report will inspire you and provide fresh perspectives on how the steel industry can play a crucial role in driving broader and more effective sustainable change.

Happy reading.

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Discover Damstahl's upgraded Climate Calculator

Our climate calculator just got even better with a brand new feature! Now you can easily access detailed order history and information about the origin of the steel. Plus, explore our extensive library of EPDs for full transparency. 

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From us, you can order all stainless steel on a successive delivery contract - whether you order our standard products or the special dimensions and grades we don't normally stock. For an agreed fixed price, you can be sure you'll always have your products in reach.

Together towards a greener future

At the core of our sustainability efforts lies a strong commitment to our customers and partners, whom we consider the driving force behind our initiatives. We want to give them the best starting point by offering a range of services, from inspiration to practical tools to make their operations easier in the complex challenge of the upcoming Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD).

You can read more about this in our new Sustainability report, where we also present our progress, goals, and initiatives in areas such as environmental impact reduction and social responsibility.

Stainless Steel— a PFAS-free Material

Recently, the presence of PFAS/PFOS has been measured in nature and even in humans. This has caused an increased awareness of the presence of PFAS/PFOS, and lots of people have started wondering if they are exposed to PFAS/PFOS anywhere. For an example: Is there any PFAS/PFOS present in the stainless steel?

Fortunately, no! There is absolutely no reason why the mills should add PFAS/PFOS to the steel. And should this happen anyway, it is quickly burnt to form harmless compounds.

Learn more about the subject by reading this article.