Save time on the placement of orders with Damstahl One-Push

Damstahl has developed a service that makes it even easier for you as a customer to order your goods for delivery as soon as possible. We call the service One-Push because you only need to conduct one task in your own ERP-system when ordering goods on our digital service platform.

The first step of implementation is to send us a list of your item numbers, which enables us to link them to our system. Afterwards, you log into your Damstahl account to activate One-Push and provide us with an e-mail address to which we can send our confirmation.

As soon as we have configured your account, you will be able to order at Damstahl directly and entirely through your ERP-system. So far, One-Push is compatible with the market’s biggest ERP-systems: C5, Nav, SAP, and Monitor.

When your order is completed through One-Push, it is immediately accepted. In this way, you know that the goods are in stock and will be shipped with our next available shipment.

Please contact Anders Jensen on +45 8794 4034 or anj@damstahl.com to get further information about how we can help you get started with One-Push. 

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Søren Talbo Dahl

Group E-commerce & Digital Manager