CO2 calculator

With an advanced CO2 calculator, Damstahl is able to show you how individual deliveries of stainless steel impact your company’s carbon footprint.


The CO2 calculator shows the CO2 impact of a specific quantity of stainless steel in an easily understandable way depending on the geography – and perhaps even the producer – from where the steel originates. In this way, it is easy to see the difference of e.g. deliveries from Asia and Europe, respectively.

The calculation takes its point of departure in data from the steel mills, transport processes and from us as a wholesaler. Behind the numbers, lies a vast amount of information based on both official statistic material and information from other partners.

To make the extent of the CO2 impact even more clear, our CO2 calculator offers a “translation”. Here, the CO2 impact from specific deliveries is compared with what it would be equal to in e.g. kilometres driven in a car or a specific example from regular daily activities.