January 26, 2022

Enter your own article numbers

You can easily assign your own article numbers to our products via your webshop account.  

This works very simply by selecting the details of a product and entering your own individual combination of numbers or letters under “Your item number”.   

This function has several advantages for you. Entire orders can be placed simply by entering your own item numbers, and the Quick Order will also be even faster and less complicated in this way. In your customer portal, you will then be able to easily keep track of all stored numbers and the corresponding products and can, of course, easily adjust all entries at any time.  

Your own article number is also stored on all our documents, such as order confirmations, invoices, and delivery notes. The receipt of goods thus runs more smoothly and your accounting department can compare delivered and invoiced articles with the ordered ones in a very uncomplicated way.   

By entering your own article numbers in the Damstahl shop, you also lay an essential foundation for our planned EDI connections and our one-push service. This enables you, among other things, to send orders from your in-house systems directly to our web shop or ERP system. 

Do you have further questions or would you like to have longer lists of article numbers automatically matched? Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.