January 19, 2023

Get insight into EPD - it will soon be on everyone's mind

The climate footprint is a measurement that will become essential in the coming years. An EPD is an environmental product declaration that gives you the data you need for your documentation. However, understanding an EPD can be tricky, so we've created a simple guide on how to read an EPD quickly and correctly.

EPD, which stands for Environmental Product Declaration, is a document that shows the environmental characteristics of a product. The product's climate footprint is calculated for its entire lifetime. Therefore, the whole product cycle from extraction of raw material to possible recycling is looked at when creating the EPD. This is particularly relevant for stainless steel, which is infinitely recyclable and therefore already part of a cycle. 

The EPD plays an increasingly important role. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will come into force in the financial year 2024, when all listed companies in Europe will have to meet increasingly stringent requirements for environmental data. Here, an EPD is the most respected way to provide a basis for a fair comparison of products and services.

In the following years, the same requirements will apply to larger companies, and eventually SMEs will join the bandwagon.

A good reason to get to know the EPD now 

But even if SMEs are not yet covered by CSRD requirements, there is good reason to prepare.

- Several of our customers are suppliers to larger companies, and the requirements for stock exchange-listed companies will soon be moving down the food chain. Therefore, there is good reason to become acquainted with the EPD document, because knowledge about it will become an unavoidable requirement for more and more end customers, says Thor Rousing, Business Controller at Damstahl.

It is this fact that has led Damstahl to produce an EPD guide.

The guide enables you to read the document quickly and correctly, so you can easily find the data that is relevant to you.

You can find the guide here: How to read an EPD

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thor Rousing

Business Controller - Team Lead
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