January 19, 2023

Get your stainless steel allocated with us on a successive delivery agreement

From us, you can order all stainless steel on a successive delivery contract - whether you order our standard products or the special dimensions and grades we don't normally stock. For an agreed fixed price, you can be sure you'll always have your products in reach.

Your advantages at a glance are:  

- Fixed delivery times and guaranteed material availability 
- No additional storage space required 
- No additional waiting time for the delivery of special articles 
- Fixed purchase price and basis for calculation for the next 6 – 12 months 

There are no limits to the individuality of your needs. We can also supply you with dimensions or qualities that are not part of our standard range.  

We attach great importance to high-level service and are therefore happy to follow closely your pull of the contracted quantity in order to send you a reminder in due time. Before the end of the contract period, we will also advise you on the best possible time for a new purchase in terms of replacement prices. Finding the proper solution for you and offering you the best service is part of our brand identity. Therefore, please do not hesitate to give your Damstahl sales contact a call to find the best suitable solution for you and your deliveries.

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